My personal visual identity

My personal visual identity

During my first year of study, one of our tasks was to design a semantic icon, index or symbol which works as a visual identity of ourselves.

My individual experiences have influenced my choices in this design, as well as my own perspective on that which creativity is made up of.

I have revisited these designs during my final year and am sharing them on my portfolio here, as well as on other portfolio sites, because they still hold a lot of meaning.

First version of "My Semantidentity"

The first version I created from using simple polygons in Illustrator put a lot of emphasis on the illusion of 3d

Second version

With the second version I changed the color of the shapes around, as well as rotated the whole form, while working on the edges

The third version

With the feedback my professor gave me on the third version, especially on the meaning of the two contrasting colors of black and gold, I removed the edges and arrived quickly at the fourth and final version of my own personal visual identity: my Semantidentity

The final version: My Semantidentity